RTS 2017

a reader-writer event you’ll
never want to leave, brought
to you by Donna Wright. 

Welcome. Here, readers get to meet their
favorite authors and authors get to connect
with readers. We have put together authors
from every sub-genre of Romance and
even some Mystery authors so you, the
reader, can make a personal connection
and really get to know the authors whose
books you’ve loved.



Karen Hall * Carolynn Carey *  JK Ensley
TG Franklin  * Debby Giusti * Mallory Kane
Olivia Gaines * Anne Welch * Juli Alexander
Isabella Kole * Tamara McHatton * Lexi Witcher
Shannon West *  Leanne Tyler * Stephanie Taylor
Anna Kristell  * Ester Lopez * Kate McKeever
Hildie McQueen * JD Monroe * Pam Ackerson
Rachel Rivers * Tiana Laveen * Suzan Tisdale
Jessica Wilkerson *

Along with our industry sponsors:

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Paper Steel Press

17 thoughts on “RTS 2017”

    1. I’d be going for Suzan Tisdale and Hildie McQueen. I’m only on Suzan’s street team, because I obsess over her the most, but Hildie is another really good author I’d love to meet. I’ve never been to one of these events, but I’ve wanted to. I’m thinking this is the closest one I’ve seen to me. (I live in Arkansas) I hope we will both be able to go! 🙂


  1. Super excited about possibly going to this! Would be my very first Romance book event! I already love @Suzan Tisdale & her work. I am on several street teams & really enjoy promoting great authors & their good books!


  2. Quick question. Saturday nights maskerade does this include evening wear or period dress? Came last year for the luncheon and am looking forward to this year for the whole thing.


  3. Can’t wait to go RRS 2017!! Went last year, it was my 1st time at one of these Luncheons. It was elegant and fun. The Authors were wonderful, and helpful with me not knowing what I was doing at the signing. I learned a lot at this Luncheon. It really helped get ready for AWWTA in Nashville both close to home. So Donna, fairies and Leprechauns? i’ll try to come up with something. Is there an agenda on the goings on that weekend?


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A Reader Writer Event You'll Never Want to Leave